TOYOTA TAYTAY, RIZAL,  INC. is the first Toyota dealership in the Province of Rizal.  Our company is built upon the two pillars of the Toyota Way:  respect for people and continuous improvement.  Thus, we provide our team members career growth, intensive trainings and opportunities for both financial and non-financial incentives.

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III.     Finance & Accounting Department

Treasury Manager

Duties & Job Summary:

  • The Incumbent shall be the one to manage day-to-day in treasury functions to meet the financial obligations of the dealership. He/She is to assess, monitor, plan and manage the efficient utilization of the dealership's cash consistent

Job Duties:

  • Management of Annual Budgeted Departmental Expenses
  • Prepares the annual budget of the treasury department
  • Presents the prepared annual budgeted expenses to the appropriate body
  • On a monthly basis, determine the reason on variances of actual expenditures against prepared budget
  • People Management
  • Hiring and Staffing
  • Ensures manpower complement is complete to perform all tasks necessary to achieve target Establish qualifications required for each position Initiates sourcing of applicants for vacant positions Screens, interviews and recommends applicants for vacant positions Manages attrition rate
  • Develop Quality Supervisor/s thru constant coaching/mentoring, training, and monitoring
  • Ensures that Team Members understands their job description, goals and have career paths
  • Ensures that Team Members are monthly evaluated and fairly recognized on the basis of performance
  • Ensures that all personnel action due to the team members in terms of change of employment status, job performance appraisals and merit increases are implemented on time
  • Ensures that training plans and programs are in place for every team member and jobs are assigned based on individual skills
  • Ensures that all company benefits that are due to the Team Members in accordance with approved existing benefit structures are accorded and are availed by team members whenever due them
  • Ensures that team members comply with Toyota Taytay’s standards on attendance, office decorum, professional grooming and behaviour and standards on customer relations and team member relations
  • Ensures that all team members comply with Toyota Taytay’s policies and procedures
  • Ensures that all grievances and concerns of team members are handled through the proper channels and are acted upon swiftly
  • Ensures that team members who violate company policies, standards and procedures are given the appropriate actions
  • Objectively investigates all matters of personnel incident reports and submits reports to the General Manager on actions taken. Makes appropriate action plans and implements them
  • Ensures high morale and team member satisfaction not by way of passing on concerns to other departments, but rather, by way of proper guidance, explanation and coordination with the concerned departments whenever necessary
  • Participate in all TMP-required, Dealer-required and Departmental-required plans, programs, strategies, activities, and trainings
  • Ensure 100% compliance to 5S in all areas assigned to
  • Cash Management
  • Responsible in managing and supervising all aspects of the treasury department
  • Ensure zero incident of fund deficit
  • Ensures proper funding of company's bank accounts for disbursements
  • Review and analyze Projected company’s cash position for the whole month
  • Checks the following and submits the same to the CFO:
    a) Daily Cash Position
    b) Projected Cash Flows
    c) Petty Cash Replenishment
    Make sure accuracy and timely submission of the following:
    a) Unreleased checks
    b) Cashier's report
    c) Monthly utilities and bills monitoring
  • Approves voiding of receipts at her level
  • Approves reversal of checks
  • Loans Management
  • Secures credit line with banks
  • Closely monitors cash availability and suggests/recommends short-term or long-term investment
  • Bank Relation
  • Liaise with the banks involving LCs, credit facility and other bank related transactions
  • Management Reports
  • Cash Flow Projection Report
  • Schedule of Outstanding Loans & Interest
  • Cash Position Report
  • MDPR
  • Working Cash Flow Projection
  • Team Member's Performance Evaluation
  • Job Requirements:

    • 1.a.i.1. Bachelor's Degree in Accountancy or Banking and Finance or its equivalent
    • 1.a.i.2. With five (5) years management skills in treasury and/or finance
    • 1.a.i.3. With Extensive experience in preparing cash forecasts and cash flow analysis
    • 1.a.i.4. Extensive experience in preparing cash forecasts and cash flow and analysis
    • 1.a.i.5. Experience in leading, coaching and developing staff
    • 1.a.i.6. Excellent collaboration, verbal and written communication skills
    • 1.a.i.7. Good presentation skills
    • 1.a.i.8. Adequate knowledge on relevant computer programs (e.g.MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.)
    • 1.a.i.9. Knowledge of investment portfolio strategy, banking and financial instruments
    • 1.a.i.10. Advanced analytical, organization, and interpersonal skills
    • 1.a.i.11. Attention to detail and accuracy
    • 1.a.i.12. Interested in process improvement and willing to adapt inquick changes in direction
    • 1.a.i.13. Internally motivated to seek out answers, generate ideas, anddevelop new skills
    • 1.a.i.14. Reports to the Group CFO but will work independently on her own after a general orientation
    • 1.a.i.15. The incumbent is responsible for proper management of the departments day to day operation


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