STYLING Smart and Stylish
Be a head turner on the road with the new Avanza. It has a powerful design and stunning exterior features that complement its modern interior.
COMFORT & LUXURY Roomy and Comfortable
Enjoy a smooth ride wherever you go with the new Avanza. It provides sedan-like comfort to both driver and passenger. Despite its compact size, Avanza has a spacious cabin that comfortably seats 7 people.
POWER & PERFORMANCE Powerful and Practical
Take a power trip with the new Avanza. Its newly-developed engine packs power but remains fuel-efficient. Enjoy superb drivability and stability because of its highly-rigid chassis and superior suspension. The new Avanza has been designed not only to meet standards in Asia, but also the world.
SAFETY Safety and Security
The new Avanza also maintains Toyota's world-renowned high safety standards. Active and passive features reduce the chance in accidents and danger to passengers.