STYLING A simply great-looking SUV
The NEW RAV4 easily conjures up a premium image without losing its powerful and modern iconography. A natural progression from classic RAV4 styling, this version boasts of the same fluid lines and dynamic form.
COMFORT & LUXURY The comfort of great interiors
With its sporty and premium design, the refined cabin environment of the New RAV4 frees up your sense of individuality. Ample space, and ergonomic seat design and reduced noise and vibration provide you with a relaxing sanctuary on the road.
POWER & PERFORMANCE Inner strength
The all-new RAV4 will move you in ways you don’t expect, for within the rich endowment of comfort features and aesthetic pleasures lies the heart of its exceptional power and performance. The highly evolved 2AZ-FE 2.4 Liter Engine is beyond compare in its class. Accelerate assertively, with a hefty 224 Newton-meters of Torque… Shorten the distance between now and then, with a burly 170 horsepower. Suddenly, fast forward becomes a driving term. This engine is equipped with Toyota’s renowned Variable Valve-Timing Intelligent or VVT-i technology, rewarding you with ultra-efficient fuel and power management that translates to enhanced mileage and tack-sharp responsiveness.
SAFETY Peace of mind is a great thing to have
Active and passive safety features meet the highest standards in its class - letting you know that you and your loved ones are always in the safest hands.